What is a certified bank check?

Answer A certified check is one that is guaranteed by the bank on which it is drawn, according to Bankers Online. A stop payment cannot be placed on a certified check. It is often used for events, such as... Read More »

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Can a bank put a certified check on hold?

On One Hand: Available FundsCertified checks are checks that have been paid for by a consumer, and therefore, can be issued by a financial institution as a guaranteed form of payment. Because cert... Read More »

Bank Draft Vs. Certified Check?

Bank drafts and certified checks are typically used when a person or entity is concerned about taking a personal check and wants to make sure there is sufficient money to cover the value of the che... Read More »

How much does a bank certified check cost?

Banks charge anywhere from nothing, as a perk for its customers, up to around $10 for a bank-certified check. Large, institutional banks generally charge less than $10 for certified check.Reference... Read More »

Can I Cash a Certified Check at the Originating Bank?

Certified checks are negotiable instruments on which the issuing bank guarantees funds. Some banks issue official checks and cashier's checks, which work the same way as certified checks. Payees ca... Read More »