What is a certificate of release of a federal tax lien?

Answer According to the Internal Revenue Service, a lien can be issued for any taxpayer who does not pay her taxes owed by the April 15 deadline. Once the conditions are met for the lien to be released, t... Read More »

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What is a lien release?

If you finance property, such as a home or vehicle, your lender holds a lien against the property. A lien gives the lender the right to reclaim the property if you stop making payments. Once you pa... Read More »

How to Word the Release of a Lien?

A lien represents a legal interest in another person's property. Liens can be granted against real or personal property. A mortgage on a home is a familiar example of a real estate lien. A bank ... Read More »

Will a Collection Agency Release a Lien?

Collection agencies collect debts for original creditors that are not secured by a debtor's assets. The company can secure the debt by filing a lawsuit and placing a lien against the debtor's home,... Read More »

What is a tax lien certificate?

According to Foreclosure University, a tax lien certificate is a claim that is placed on a property by a government entity to collect unpaid taxes. Once the taxes have been paid, the lien is remove... Read More »