What is a center speaker?

Answer A center speaker is a speaker in a home theater installation that is placed front and center, between the left and right front speakers. Center speakers are usually placed directly above or directl... Read More »

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What center speaker has cording on the top?

It wasn't an HT speaker.It was probably a combo instrument or PA amplifier/speaker. Check out Peavey, Roland, Fender, Yamaha,or Yorkville for that sort of thing.

Can a center channel speaker go behind you?

Put the center channel speaker above the monitor, pointed at a downward angle. Placing the center channel speaker other than in front will mess up audio imaging. But don't take our word for it. ... Read More »

Advantages of three way center channel speaker?

You should always try to match your speakers ( at least the front three ) to ensure that they all sound the same. Using unmatched speakers can result in less than optimal sound and be distracting ... Read More »

Can I place my center speaker in front of my plasma tv?

The center speaker will not effect the Plasma. Enjoy!!!