What is a celebration for the first day of spring in Poland?

Answer The first day of spring in Poland is actually an unofficial occasion popular among children. It is celebrated on March 21 and it is a day when children traditionally play taunts. It is similar is A... Read More »

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What is the pH of Poland Spring water?

Poland Spring Natural Spring Water comes from the state of Maine. According to the company's mineral-content analysis, the pH content--measured in units--is 5.72-6.68. The pH scale is used to measu... Read More »

Who owns Poland Spring?

Poland Spring is owned by the Nestle Corp. Poland Spring, started in 1845 in Maine, is part of Nestle Waters North America, which also includes Deer Park, Calistoga, Pellegrino, Zephyrhills and Per... Read More »

Is Poland Spring alkaline?

Poland Spring states the pH level of its bottled water ranges from 5.72 to 6.68 units per liter. Water is neutral at a pH level of 7. Lower than 7 is acidic, and greater than 7 is alkaline, so Pola... Read More »

How is Poland Spring water purified?

In 2008, Americans drank over 8 million gallons of bottled water, according to the International Bottled Water Association. One such brand of bottled water is Poland Spring, which prides itself on ... Read More »