What is a cause of acne!?

Answer what you eat and what you don't eat and how you wash etc etctons more here

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What Can Cause Acne?

Physical education teaches students many important life lessons. Other than encouraging a lifestyle of exercise and healthy living, it also teaches social skills through group activities such as t... Read More »

What foods cause acne?

food doesn't cause acne, hormonal imbalances do. and the only way food can cause acne is if you rub it on your facee.

Can Oatmeal cause acne?

Only if you're allergic to them lol oatmeal is really good for you! Cookies are usually high in sugar, though and too much sugar can make some people break out more easily. If that happens to you, ... Read More »

Do Braces cause Acne?

No, there is no direct correlation between braces on your teeth and the exterior of your face. However, it is common for them to tear up the walls of your mouth leading to painful sores.