What is a caucus vs. a primary?

Answer During the election process, during which American voters decide on the final candidates for president, you have probably noticed that some states employ a primary system, while others decide by ca... Read More »

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Primary Caucus vs. Popular Vote?

Choosing presidential candidates to run on the Republican and Democratic tickets during the general election is a long, complicated and often irrational process--a combination of political traditio... Read More »

When was the first U.S. presidential primary caucus?

Presidental caucuses and primaries are held roughly a year before general elections and work to determine which candidates will represent their parties in the general election. The first presidenta... Read More »

Does Texas have a primary election and a caucus?

Democrat voters in Texas can vote in both a primary election and participate in a caucus to determine which delegates are elected. The primary is held during the day, and the caucus occurs after th... Read More »

What is the Texas caucus?

The Texas caucus is a meeting to discuss issues and choose delegates to the state conventions of the Republican and Democratic parties. Democratic caucuses also partially determine presidential nat... Read More »