What is a cat6 network cable?

Answer There are several choices of cables for use in a network. One of the most common types is category 6, or cat6 cable.10 Gigabit EthernetCat6 cable is one of the fastest options for Internet cabling.... Read More »

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What is a Cat6 cable?

A Category 6, or Cat6, cable connects a computer to a router for high-speed broadband Internet. The Cat6 cable can accommodate signals in the 200-megahertz to 250-megahertz range, according to BitP... Read More »

Cat5 Cable Vs. Cat6 Cable?

Cat5 and cat6 are short for category 5 and category 6. Cat6 cables are backward compatible with devices designed for cat5 cables. Cat5 and cat6 cables are most often used for computer networking. H... Read More »

Cat6 Cable Characteristics?

Unshielded Twisted Pair cable is the most common form of cable used for data networks. The Electronic Industries Alliance produced standards for UTP cable, recommending configuration and performanc... Read More »

Tips for Networking CAT6 Cable?

Laying CAT6 cable is a relatively easy way to network a large number of computers at home or in the office. This type of Ethernet cable is very good for transferring large files because of its 1 Gb... Read More »