What is a cat anti-seizure medication?

Answer Epilepsy, a disorder characterized by seizures, is a rare disorder that can sometimes strike cats. However, epilepsy can be kept under control with anti-seizure medication.IdentificationThe most co... Read More »

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What anti anxiety medication OK to take while pregnant?

There are some anxiety medications that can be taken while pregnant, but you should always discuss your options with your doctor.

How many cups of chamomile can I have as am having anti psychotic medication ?

chamomile tea is a natural sedative, calmer of nerves. Its a natural tea, but doesnt "cure" anything. Its useful for insomnia, or just a general wind down and relax drink. You can also use the c... Read More »

How to Quit Drinking Alcohol Using Anti Craving Medication?

A new family of drugs is now available to treat alcoholism, just as physicians began treating depression with medication a decades ago[1]. Several anti-craving meds have been introduced and will ra... Read More »

Trying to find out what caused my 17 mth old to have a seizure one minute he was fine running and playing then he was having a seizure it was so terrifying.?

The most common cause of seizure between tha ages of six months to six years is febrile seizure. If the child did not have fever at that time other causes have to be considered. The child needs to ... Read More »