Is kallar and kamma is same caste and what are surnames of kallar caste in andhra pradesh?

Answer I don't understand your question. Learn how to speak English or go back to the middle east. Bye!

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What caste is the surname"Bassi"?

The surname "Bassi" belongs to the "Jat" caste. The "Jat" caste is historically made up of landowners, farmers and warriors. Bass is an ancient tribe of the Jats. This tribe settled in Punjab, Sind... Read More »

Where was the first ESPN broad-caste located?

type in the channel, down here in la its 206

I am Buying a home theater system, what is a good system to buy that is not expensive.?

What is the difference between a PA system and power amp systems , which system can use for big Mosque?

An amplifier is merely an amplifier. A PA system would include an amplifier, speakers & microphones.