What is your favorite casserole?

Answer Shepard's Pie

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What goes well with mac and ham casserole?

Think of color, texture and nutrition. You are off to a great start by adding the broccoli to the casserole. Adding a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers and onion with an oil and vinegar dressing woul... Read More »

What is a low carb vegetable casserole recipe?

I would use the green beans an mushrooms together. Put in a saute pan, the beans first, as they take longer. Stir fry in some oil with garlic (powder is fine) some salt, pepper, if you've got an on... Read More »

What ingredients do you use for your sausage casserole ?

today is soup day we are having "Zuppa vegetable con polpettni" (spelling?) tomorrow brazed lamb shanks in a red wine reduction and root vegetables

What vegetable can be served with broccoli&cheese casserole?

On One Hand: A Simple Weeknight MealServe your broccoli and cheese casserole with a baked Russet potato (also called an Idaho potato) for each member of the family for a quick, easy and nutritious ... Read More »