What is a cash secured loan?

Answer If you need a loan to make a major purchase or to consolidate debt, banks offer numerous options, including cash-secured loans. With this type of loan, you pledge a certain amount of money that wil... Read More »

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What do i use as collateral (security) on a secured loan?

On One Hand: Homes and Cars, Stocks and BondsHouses and automobiles are the most common forms of collateral for secured loans, according to ZeroMillion. Denver Business Journal adds that you can al... Read More »

What is the difference between a secured loan and a mortgage?

A secured loan is a type of debt that has some type of collateral attached to it. A mortgage is a secured loan collateralized by a house. A secured loan can be collateralized by any asset, from cas... Read More »

What is the difference between a secured and unsecured loan?

Secured and unsecured loans are two types of ways people borrow money. The major difference is that secured loans use collateral.FunctionA secured loan has a specific piece of property used as coll... Read More »

Is a car loan considered a secured loan?

Yes, a car loan is typically considered a secured loan because the value of the vehicle is used to guarantee repayment of the loan. If the borrower stops making payments, the borrower can take or r... Read More »