What is a cash register?

Answer Whenever you shop at a retail store, you probably interact with a clerk using a cash register. Not only do cash registers hold cash, but they help the store with accounting as well.FunctionAccordin... Read More »

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How to Balance Cash on a Cash Register?

In order to keep an accurate record of profits, as well as to prevent employee theft and identify individual error, business owners and managers generally expect cash registers to be balanced at th... Read More »

What is a petty cash register?

A petty cash register is a spreadsheet used to track a business' use of petty cash. Petty cash is money used to pay for discretionary expenses such as office supplies, cab fares or postage fees. Th... Read More »

What kind of jobs can teenagers get without using a cash register?

Getting a job is a great way for a teen to learn about the working world as well as earn some extra cash. Many jobs are available for teens that don't require the usage of a cash register.Babysitti... Read More »

In what month& year was the first cash register invented by James Ritty?

The first cash register was invented by James Ritty shortly after the American Civil War. After developing a few failed prototypes, James Ritty was awarded the first cash register patient, issued o... Read More »