What is a cartouche?

Answer A cartouche, as a historical reference, is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph of a specific design. The inscribed hieroglyph (usually a name) is surrounded by an oval, with a straight line at the base ... Read More »

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How to Create Your Own Cartouche?

A cartouche is an oval-shaped pendant or nameplate. The first cartouches were created in ancient Egypt. The pendant contains an inscription of a person's name spelled out in Egyptian letters or hie... Read More »

What is a cartouche&how is it read?

Egyptian pharaohs and kings encased their names in an oval shaped piece of rope ring (tied at one end) called a cartouche. The names were written in the language of the Egyptians: hieroglyphics.Fun... Read More »

What is an Egyptian cartouche?

The cartouche is an oval-shaped, hieroglyphic nameplate with the border drawn to represent a rope. The cartouche is in various forms, including carving in stone or made as jewelry. Known in Ancien... Read More »