What is a carrot plant?

Answer A carrot plant is a leafy, fern-like stem with compound---more than one leaflet makes up a leaf---leaves and an orange, elongated, roots. After being harvested, carrots can be consumed by humans an... Read More »

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What part of a carrot plant is called the wedge?

Although usually thought of as the orange section of the vegetable, the wedge can grow in several different colors depending on the type of carrot. It is the part of the vegetable that is generally... Read More »

Have you ever tried a carrot dog?

it tasted very good, but it didnt remind me of a real hot dog at ALL!i tried it when i went to the vegan festival

Carrot Oil Uses?

Carrot oil, also known as Queen Anne's Lace, comes from -- you guessed it -- carrots. According to the online drug index,, carrot oil is a non-toxic derivative of the carrot seed. Though ... Read More »

Who is Carrot Top?

Known for his high energy antics and inventive imagination, Carrot Top is a true comedy pioneer, making prop comedy not only accepted but quite popular. He began his career in the early 1990s and c... Read More »