What is a carrot plant?

Answer A carrot plant is a leafy, fern-like stem with compound---more than one leaflet makes up a leaf---leaves and an orange, elongated, roots. After being harvested, carrots can be consumed by humans an... Read More »

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What part of a carrot plant is called the wedge?

Although usually thought of as the orange section of the vegetable, the wedge can grow in several different colors depending on the type of carrot. It is the part of the vegetable that is generally... Read More »

What is the scientific name for a carrot?

Several wild carrot species belong to the Apiaceae, or carrot, family. Carrots grown for food were derived from the Daucus carota species. These carrots that we eat are consider a subspecies of the... Read More »

What is the green thing on the carrot top?

The greenery at the top that sticks out of the ground during growth is known as carrot leaves or greens. They are excellent nutritional sources of potassium, protein and chlorophyll. The carrot gre... Read More »

What part of a carrot contains seeds?

Carrot seeds The carrot itself has no seeds. If a carrot is left in the ground, a stalk will eventually come up from the middle of the plant and form flattish flowers in an umbel. The seeds develop... Read More »