Is a shrew a carnivore?

Answer Shrews are considered insectivores, which are a type of carnivore specializing in insects. However, some species, like the lesser tree shrew can also eat fruit. Other species, like the short-tailed... Read More »

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Is it wrong for a vegetarian to kiss a carnivore?

Is a cactus wren a carnivore or an herbivore or an omnivore?

The Arizona cactus wren [Campylorhynchus brunneicapillus] is an omnivore, because it eats plants and animals. Its preferred diet includes insects, seeds, and small frogs and lizards. So it isn't an... Read More »

Does a carnivore's poop smells worse than a vegan's poop?

I don't generally go around sniffing poo. I know my cat's litter box smell's a whole heck of a lot worse than my sister's rabbit's, but I think you're probably asking about humans here . . .