What is a cardiology technician?

Answer Job prospects for cardiovascular technicians can be enticing since employment in this field is expected in to increase 24 percent through 2018. Knowing the basics of what a cardiovascular technicia... Read More »

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What is preload and afterload in cardiology?

preload refers to total volume of blood in the left ventricle of the heart and the pressure it exerts before the left ventricle contracts.After load then is the amount of pressure exerted by the le... Read More »

What is a cardiology echo tech?

A cardiology echo tech is a medical professional who makes images of patients' hearts using sound waves, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Physicians use these images to diagnose me... Read More »

What are the best cardiology and heart hospitals in the world?

Cleveland Clinic is the best in the US. It has slightly better safety standards than the Mayo Clinic the number 2 in the field. There are no close number 3 in the US. I've heard London has a clinic... Read More »

What does plugged left and right ventricle mean in cardiology language and what is the treatment for it?

Freedom,I believe that you are referring to what is technically known as Transposition of the great arteries. Basically, the major blood vessels taking blood away from the heart to the lungs and th... Read More »