What is a card that works like a credit card?

Answer Alternatives to a standard credit card include several options that work in similar ways. The Visa and Mastercard companies offer "gift cards" that are pre-paid, and most banks issue debit or ATM c... Read More »

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Does a secured credit card look just like a regular credit card?

A secured credit card differs from a standard credit card in the fact that the borrower must make a deposit to the credit card company to protect the company from the likelihood of default. Merchan... Read More »

Is sim card reader works like data card ?

I need help fast!!! Can you use a debit card like a credit card on the Internet?

Not all debit cards can be used like a credit card. Most can however. If your debit card has the Mastercard or Visa Logo on it, then there is a good chance that it can be used on a website. But man... Read More »

Can i use my debit card like a credit card in north america?

On One Hand: Yes, You CanAccording to renowned financial adviser Dave Ramsey, debit cards can be used for most purposes a credit card is throughout North America. Though there are some differences ... Read More »