What is a carbon footprint calculator?

Answer Carbon footprint calculators are tools that allow individuals and businesses to measure their carbon emissions and estimate their impact on the environment. These calculators measure energy consump... Read More »

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What Is a Carbon Footprint of a Company?

A footprint is a mark left upon a surface when walking. A carbon footprint is the carbon dioxide emissions (CO2e) that result when fossil fuels are burned; although not visible, carbon emissions ... Read More »

What is the average carbon footprint?

Worldwide, the average person produces an annual carbon footprint equal to 4 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, according to a 2008 Massachusetts Institute of Technology research project. The... Read More »

What is the carbon footprint of a Google search?

In 2009, a Harvard University physicist suggesting that a single Internet search created about 7 g of carbon dioxide. To put this number into perspective, boiling an electric kettle produces about ... Read More »

What Are the Causes of a Large Carbon Footprint?

The release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is on one of the major causes of global warming. Daily activities, such as driving, heating their home or eating meat and processed food, contribut... Read More »