What is a car audio amplifier?

Answer Since the early days of motoring, radios in cars have increased the enjoyment of time spent driving. As audio quality has progressed over the years, the need for better sound systems has grown as w... Read More »

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DIY Project: Amplifier Audio?

An audio amplifier is a device that is electrically connected to a speaker or set of speakers. An audio amplifier increases the voltage of an audio AC signal, and is typically not a part of the spe... Read More »

What is an audio power amplifier?

An audio power amplifier electronically increases a weak sound signal so it can drive a speaker. You can't plug a guitar, CD player or radio tuner directly into a speaker; you need a power amplifie... Read More »

How to Build a Low Power Audio Amplifier?

Audio amplifiers are used to increase the power of an audio AC signal. When amplifying the input signal, it is important that the amplifier does not introduce distortion into the output signal. Thi... Read More »

Audio Amplifier-Adding more watts?

You got a cheap power supply-less amplifier, nothing you do to it will increase its output power. Buy another amplifier. Running a 2 ohm speaker load is the best you can do.You can only make an amp... Read More »