What is a capacitor used for in car audio?

Answer A car audio capacitor, sometimes referred to as a power capacitor or power cap, stores energy. It is used when drawing power from a car battery would be inefficient. For example: high powered ampli... Read More »

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Why capacitor is used in ceiling fan?

Capacitor helps a motor generate a starting torque. once the torque is produced and motor rotates capacitor acts as a current path. technically capacitor creates a phase difference.

When removing capacitor from circuit board the contact came off board with the capacitor can it be glued back?

Yes you can glue it back down but make sure you get a good connection to the capacitor. If necessary you can replace the trace with a piece of wire. Just make sure you know what you are doing and... Read More »

Can a starting capacitor lower a fridge starting draw from 2400 watts to 800 or less without damaging the motor and how can the size of capacitor needed be determined?

could be If you lower the start cap size it may take milliseconds longer to start so it will still use the approximate same amt of power.Size? search for "appliance repair parts" enter your model n... Read More »

Can Real Audio be used to burn CDs?

RealAudio is a sound format used in RealPlayer. The format is typically a stream or sample and cannot be burned to a CD in that format. RealPlayer can burn CDs as long as the files are formatted th... Read More »