What is a camera on my computer called?

Answer A camera that is connected to a computer or laptop is called a "webcam." Webcams can be auxiliary or built into a computer. These cameras can be used to take both still shots and video and upload t... Read More »

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What r those things called that u use 2 downlaod from ur camera 2 the computer?

Is an web camera called an computer extra or add-on?

Computer add-on because you are adding on the camera (it doesnt come installed on the computer eg: laptop's mini webcamera's are extras because they are built into the computer).

In Scream 4 what is the man character wearing he is in school and wearing headphones with a small camera attached What is the headphone camera what is it called and where can I get it?

What is the diffrence of the video camera and digital camera can both be loaded into a personal computer ty?

a video camera takes moving images, while a digital camera takes still pictures and also some will take videos including mine. i dont know about video cameras being able to be loaded on to computer... Read More »