What is a camera dolly?

Answer A camera dolly is a piece of film equipment for creating continuous, smooth motion shots. (Reference 1) The camera sits on a dolly that is usually on a track. The dolly is similar to a cart with wh... Read More »

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How to Make a Camera Dolly?

With the proliferation of inexpensive film making equipment, the amateur film making scene has grown exponentially. Today it is easier than ever for artists with little money or experience to reali... Read More »

What is a piano dolly?

Piano dollies are similar to regular dollies. They are basically comprised of some sort of platform supported by wheels. They are used to move pianos, which are otherwise too heavy to move.Source:C... Read More »

What is a dolly shot?

Many a majestic sweep across a movie set or location in a film owes its existence to a device called a camera dolly. Dolly shots add variety and drama to a film's visual presentation.DollyIn its mo... Read More »

What is a Car Dolly Bouncing Problem?

A tow dolly is an economical alternative to a flatbed trailer. The dolly is primarily intended for front-wheel drive vehicles. The tow dolly supports the front wheels of the towed vehicle, while th... Read More »