What is a camera body?

Answer A camera body is the basic shell of the camera without lenses. It houses a viewfinder, shutter, shutter control button, flash hot shoe, built-in flash, ring mount, as well as battery and memory ca... Read More »

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Nikon N50 film camera body with several nice lens Is there a digital camera body these lens will fit on?

What digital camera matches a Minolta 370 camera body?

The vast majority of today's digital SLR bodies feature a range of automatic metering and focusing options as well as a motor drive, making them quite different from the Minolta X-370 body, which f... Read More »

What do different camera body names mean?

Nikon places a "D" in front of their digital SLR's.The numbers indicate the level camera.The D500 has yet to be designed and the D50 and D70 have been replaced by the D90Nikon makes four levels of ... Read More »

What is the best way to clean the inside of a DSLR camera body?

Unless its really bothering you I suggest just ignoring it. If you absolutely positively find its just too annoying to ignore then hold the camera with the lens mount facing down and use a small bu... Read More »