What is a cameo necklace?

Answer Cameo refers to a carving method, traditionally used on gems, coral or shells. In necklaces, these carvings are often oval in shape, and worn on a chain or velvet choker.References:Harris Michael J... Read More »

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What is a cameo role?

A cameo role is typically a very brief part in a movie, television sitcom or entertainment show played by a well-known actor or actress. Sometimes, this role can also be filled by a politician or n... Read More »

What is a cameo proof?

Cameo proofs are near-perfect coins that are prized by coin collectors. Proof coins are different than coins that are in general circulation, as they are minted in a different fashion and have bril... Read More »

Cameo Jewelry Components?

Cameo jewelry was prized during medieval times as a way of keeping a picture of your loved one with you at all times. In fact, cameo jewelry has been worn by various members of royalty throughout h... Read More »

How Can I Tell if My Cameo Is Resin or Shell?

Cameos are classic pieces of jewelry as well as small, intricate works of art. Designs can be either etched into the surface of the material or carved in relief, meaning the area around the subject... Read More »