What is a business or trade association?

Answer From mortgage brokers to restaurant owners, trade and business associations represent a wide spectrum of professionals across the globe. These associations allow like-minded business people to shar... Read More »

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What is a free trade association?

A free trade association, also known as a free trade area, is established by a free trade agreement negotiated between countries. The free trade area allows for the flow of goods between member nat... Read More »

What free-trade association does Saudi Arabia belong to?

Saudi Arabia is a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council along with Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, the UAE and Oman, which confers special trade and investment privileges. It is also a member of the Great... Read More »

Can a member of the home owners association who has a business contract with the association hold office as a board member or architectural review chairperson?

If the member has a business relationship with the HOA, then a conflict of interest would be raised by that member being on the board in any position.

What is the difference between a business trade name& a DBA?

"Trade name," "fictitious name" and "DBA" ("doing business as") are all phrases that refer to the same thing--the legal name that a business operates under. Every business has a trade name or "DBA... Read More »