What is a business letter?

Answer A business letter is a formal print form of communication sent to external readers. It is often used to preface reports and proposals. Business letters follow a few specific formats and should be ... Read More »

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What is the meaning of a business letter?

Business letters aren't the same as the informal, casual letters you write to family and friends. Communications with co-workers and other business people are more formal and are written with a cle... Read More »

What is a personal business letter?

A personal business letter is one sent from an individual to a business or company. Formatting options include the block, where all text aligns on the left side of the letter, or modified block, wi... Read More »

How to Draft a Business Letter?

Drafting a business letter in the correct format is important for portraying a professional image. Everything from including the date, the salutation, content of the letter and your signature shoul... Read More »

How do I address a business letter?

AlignmentAlign all items in the business letter to the left. After the date and any letterhead, what immediately follows is the address. The business letter can be typed in any word processing prog... Read More »