What size HDTV is equivalent to a 32-inch SDTV?

Answer If you are viewing material in a 16:9 widescreen format, any HDTV larger than 32 inches will give you more viewing area, as you won't have the sizable black bars on your screen. If you are viewing ... Read More »

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What is the equivalent of a size 48 NFL jersey in women's sizes?

A size 48 would be a XXL (double extra large) size in men's. A men's XXL size fits 48 inches (122 cm). An XL (extra large) in women's fits 40 inches (102 cm). So a size 48 jersey would be XXXXXL (5... Read More »

Starbucks tumbler size equivalent?

Its equivalent to a tall size as tall = 12 ounces.Hope this helps

What is the size difference in the waist of a women's size 18&size 12?

Generally, the difference between a women's size 18 and size 12 is approximately five inches. Although exact sizes vary from one clothing manufacturer to another, a size 12 is generally between 29 ... Read More »

How many oysters per bushel?

A bushel of oysters contains anywhere between 200 to 300 oysters, depending on their size. Many oystermen consider a bushel a measurement of weight. Typically, a bushel of oysters will weigh betw... Read More »