What is a busboy?

Answer A busboy works in a restaurant, clears the dirty dishes from the table and brings them to the kitchen. He also sets tables and assists the waitstaff as needed. Some busboys also mop or vacuum the f... Read More »

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Why is a busboy called a busboy?

A busboy is a person employed in a restaurant, bar, cafeteria or similar food service establishment. The job of busboy can be filled by a male or female, and is considered an entry level position i... Read More »

What is a busboy job?

Busboys perform the nitty gritty work that keeps a restaurant running. While their main job duty is to clear finished plates, busboys also help set up and clean up after parties, perform end-of-nig... Read More »

How much does a busboy get paid?

The median hourly wage for dining room and cafeteria attendants was $8.05 per hour in the May 2008 Bureau of Labor Statistics wage report. In most restaurants, busboys can also expect to receive a ... Read More »

Hi, I'm 15 and wondering how much money I could possibly make at a restaurant as a busboy?

Probably $7.25 to $7.75 per hour plus the tips from waiters...

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