What is a bullied person?

Answer a bullied person is a person that has been messed with from someone that thinks they are big and bad.

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How to Deal With a Person That Bullied You?

Being bullied and betrayed by friends is common now, especially with the help of the internet, but these phases of awkwardness can be overcome.

Child being bullied at headstart daycare what can I do?

Head Start Daycare? Early Head Start? Didn't sound like it...but most Head Starts' are not Day Cares...but I won't go into that as I already did that once today and I'm coming to a conclusion...p... Read More »

Umm at school im being mentally bullied by a girl constantly and the principle wont do anythin what do i do?

Try to confront her yourself and if your friends leave you because of her you know they arnt 'real' friends..If confronting her about the matter doesnt help try telling your parents and asking them... Read More »

What does the bully feel like when they have bullied someone else?

They feel scared, so they bully someone whos weakier then them. Or someone who won't fight back. Also bullies only bully when they have two people in back of them.