What is a bullet camera?

Answer The bullet camera, a popular type of surveillance camera with a cylindrical shape, connects easily to a television, VCR, or a wireless transmitter.AppearanceThe bullet camera has a long and tapered... Read More »

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Differences among all the "Bullet" styles - Magic bullet, Nutri bullet, Party bullet, etc.?

How to Wire a Bullet Camera?

A "bullet" camera is a tube-shaped video camera equipped with a wall plate for mounting on any surface that will accept wood screws. The bullet camera, which can be acquired as part of a kit from a... Read More »

I have a camcorder how do i make it go slow mo like them slow mo camera with the bullet and the apple?

You don't do it with the camcorder you currently own. it takes pictures at 30 frames per second. A bullet travels at 1000 feet per second. In the period of a single frame, the bullet travels 30 fee... Read More »

How to Dig a Bullet Out of Yourself?

You just got shot, but don't want to, or can't go to, the hospital. Follow these steps, and you might increase your chances of survival and reduce infection.Do not take this action unless absolutel... Read More »