How to Tie a Wooly Bugger?

Answer So you’ve decided that you’re tired of spending exorbitant amounts of money on flies from the shop and are ready to start tying your own. The best fly to start with is the Wooly-Bugger, a very ... Read More »

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My printer is being a bloody bugger. Help >.<?

Does the printer show on your devices?=Did you install drivers?-Printer make & model?

I have Vundo Variant on my pc!! How do i delete this bugger?

Malicious Software Removal Tool…

How to Change a Crystal Bugger to Flyfish in Saltwater?

The Crystal Bugger fly pattern is noted for catching smallmouth bass, but by changing the size of the hook and using stainless steel, you can have just as much success with this fly in the salt. Fo... Read More »

My idiotic neighbour recons that my ivy is damaging his brick work, is the old bugger senile or is he right?

Remember them oldies usually know a thing or two about plants!Roundup (glyphosate) is the chemical herbicide I would use. If you're worried about toxicity, then maybe horticulture vinegar. I've nev... Read More »

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