What is a buffer?

Answer If you are talking about a printer buffer, it is a memory device that accepts printer output from one or more computers and transmits it to the printer. It lets the computer dispose of its printer... Read More »

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How to Wax a Car With a Buffer?

Getting an impeccable shine on your vehicle is sometimes hard to do with an ordinary cloth and some wax. Technique and equipment are two important factors when it comes to waxing cars. A buffer pro... Read More »

How to Use a Three-Way Buffer?

If you want to give yourself a manicure or a pedicure, a three-way buffer is essential. A buffer can remove uneven ridges, stains, and roughness which can make your nails look unattractive. A three... Read More »

What is a pH buffer and how does it work?

Buffers, or pH buffers, are substances that have the ability to stabilize the pH level of a solution when either too acidic or too alkaline.TypesMost buffers are weak acids or weak bases that combi... Read More »

What is a buffer overrun?

Computer buffers are temporary holding areas in RAM often used for printing or burning a CD. Buffer overruns or overflows occur when too much data ends up in a buffer like from corrupt registry dat... Read More »