What is a buffer?

Answer If you are talking about a printer buffer, it is a memory device that accepts printer output from one or more computers and transmits it to the printer. It lets the computer dispose of its printer... Read More »

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What is a buffer overrun?

Computer buffers are temporary holding areas in RAM often used for printing or burning a CD. Buffer overruns or overflows occur when too much data ends up in a buffer like from corrupt registry dat... Read More »

What is ASP Buffer Property?

The Buffer property specifies whether to buffer the output or not. When the output is buffered, the server will hold back the response to the browser until all of the server scripts have been proce... Read More »

What Are Buffer Overflows?

Buffer overflows are a type of software security problem that occur when a program stuffs more information into a buffer than that buffer can handle, or when a program tries to store information be... Read More »

What Is a Buffer on a Credit Card?

A credit card buffer is a strategy used by some credit card users to avoid overdraft charges by always maintaining a minimum dollar amount of available credit on the card. By never violating this l... Read More »