Jiffy Steamer J-2 Vs. Jiffy Steamer J-2000?

Answer The Jiffy Steamer J-2 and Jiffy Steamer J-2000 remove wrinkles from shirts, blouses, dresses and slacks. Both of these models feature wheeled bases, which make it easier to transport the personal s... Read More »

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How to Use a Clothes Steamer?

for those who want to steam their own clothes.

What can i cook with a steamer?

Steam cooking is a method by which food is cooked as the heat of the steam rises from a lower compartment to cook the food in the upper compartment. There are many kinds of food you can cook in a s... Read More »

What is a steamer drink?

Many cafes feature steamer drinks on their menus. A steamer may be a way for adults to get dairy into their diet.Hot BeverageA steamer drink refers to a hot, sweet, frothy milk beverage. A barista,... Read More »

How to Use a Facial Steamer?

Advancements in technology and the cosmetic industry allow many in-office procedures such as facials to be done at home. You can purchase masks, deep moisturizers, treatments and even salon equipme... Read More »