What is a brigadier general?

Answer Brigadier general is a military rank which has been used by the British, United States and French armies. Brigadier generals originally commanded brigades; the British army stopped using the rank w... Read More »

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What was the youngest age of a brigadier general in the US Air Force?

if you do not have any dependents you will have to live on base in the dormitories for an specific amount of time (each base may be different). If you remain single, you will eventually be told tha... Read More »

Youngest brigadier general of the US Army was?

Galusha Pennypacker, the Youngest Brigadier General in U.S. Army History at the age of 20

Who was Brigadier General Ebenezer Pierce?

He was a US Army general who fought on the side of the Union during the Civil War. He also was the author of many books.

Does a Brigadier general out rank a rear admiral?

No. Rear Admiral (equivalent to a Major General) is one grade higher than a Brigadier General.