What is a breach of settlement?

Answer A breach of settlement is when one party fails to abide by the requirements specified in the contract they signed when a civil suit was dropped. A breach of contract could be held against either a ... Read More »

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Who decides a breach of contract in a mediated settlement?

The parties determine a breach of contract in a mediated settlement. Mediation is a process in which the parties meet with a neutral party, tell the neutral party their respective positions, and t... Read More »

Your Mother passed away 2 years ago and you are getting a settlement can credit card debt go after the settlement?

Answer Well, if they are garnishing your wages, than probably yes. What you should do is call and bargain with them to pay them off. If you owe $1,000, tell them you can pay $500. It's better j... Read More »

Can a bank offer you a settlement on a charged off auto loan and later refuse the settlement offer because you received a check from your auto insurance company to fix your car from an accident?

Answer Yes, the bank or any lending institution can withdraw any offer unless a contract has been signed by all parties.

Why do whales breach?

One of the most breathtaking things to watch is a whale "breaching," or leaping into the air. This is also known as "surfacing behavior." Not all whales breach. One species noted for spectacular di... Read More »