What is a brad nailer used for?

Answer Brad nailers are a handy tool to keep in the shed. Whether air- or electric-powered, brad nailers save their users time, money and energy when it comes to various projects.Nailing TrimWhen working ... Read More »

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How Much PSI Does it Take for a Brad Nailer?

The amount of pounds per square inch of compressed air needed for a brad nailer varies between manufacturers, but most need between 70 and 120 pounds per square inch of air to perform as intended.S... Read More »

What air nailer is best?

On One Hand: Paslode 900420 CordlessAccording to Galt, the Paslode 900420 Impulse Cordless Framing Nailer is the best air nailer on the market. It can nail in two to three nails per second and only... Read More »

What Are Uses for a Finish Nailer?

The finish nailer is one of the smallest pneumatic nailing tools. Its range of small fasteners makes it useful for a number of different jobs around your home or shop, beyond the shooting of finish... Read More »

What is a finish nailer used for?

A finish nailer, or trim nailer gun, is a pneumatic nail gun used to attach trim with finishing nails. It is used for wood trim such as baseboard molding, door and window casing, floor molding and ... Read More »