What is a BPO on a short-sale property?

Answer The broker's price opinion (BPO) is the benchmark price set for a short-sale property by an agent of the lender. The price opinion set by the agent is compared to offers on the short-sale property,... Read More »

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What is a short sale on a property?

When selling a home in a down real estate market, different issues can arise, including an increase in competition, low selling prices and foreclosures and short sales.DefinitionIn simple terms, a ... Read More »

What is a short sale property?

If you are a potential home buyer looking to purchase a home at a substantial discount, a short sale property may be an option for you. Although purchasing a short sale property can be a win-win si... Read More »

How to Buy a Short Sale Property?

In a struggling housing market, homebuyers may have the option to buy a short sale property.Similar to buying a foreclosure property, the purchase of a short sale property can offer significant cos... Read More »

What is a bpo on a short sale property?

A broker's price opinion, or BPO, typically involves your broker looking up what real estate similar to yours, with regard to build and location, is selling for on the market, and then using that i... Read More »