What is a boonie hat for?

Answer The boonie hat is a type of hat developed and used by military personnel. The boonie hat is also worn by civilians.Basic DesignThe brim of the boonie hat is solid but flexible and encircles the ent... Read More »

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How to Tie a Paracord on a Boonie Hat?

Hikers and outdoor explorers often carry coils of paracord. This light, strong cord is good for securing shelters against the elements, tying your food in trees away from predators, and creating ma... Read More »

Can an insignia be worn on a boonie hat?

It's acceptable to place an insignia on a boonie hat, which is a wide-brimmed hat commonly worn by military personnel. However, only an insignia that can be sewn on may be used, and it has to be pl... Read More »

Are boonie hats popular among military snipers?

On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsA sniper's camouflage is as essential as his (or her) weapon. Boonie hats are particularly important. Boonie hats are versatile in how they are able to disguise a sn... Read More »