Rules of Boolean Algebra?

Answer Boolean algebra uses algebraic conventions to work with the logic values of true or false. The values 1 and 0 represent the two true or false values, and the operations of product, sum and negative... Read More »

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How to Display a Boolean Variable in C++?

C++ is the programming language for writing computer programs of any level of complexity. A Boolean variable is a special type of variable in C++ denoted with the word "bool." The Boolean variable ... Read More »

How to Interpret a String as a Boolean in Python?

Python is an open-source, object-oriented programming language that supports numerous data types, classes and modules. At times, you may need to evaluate whether a string tests as true or false, th... Read More »

Can anyone help explain how to write these boolean expressions?

(i >= 20)(i < 10 && z)(i+j > i*j)That should be fine for pretty much any major programming language.

The method "public static boolean testValue (int response)" returns (Java)?

It returns a boolean value.Why are you getting us to do your homework for you? What do you plan to do when a question like this appears on the final exam?