What is a bonsai tree?

Answer For more details and information, please see related link below.Answera Bonsai tree is one where you train it with wires to have twisted branches and trunks and are kept in a "miniature" state. The... Read More »

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Can a Bonsai Tree Die?

Bonsai trees are prized for their small size, artistic shapes and longevity; the ability of a bonsai tree to live for a century or more makes a well-cared for tree an heirloom plant. However, there... Read More »

How to Keep a Bonsai Tree From Dying?

Like all living things, bonsai trees are susceptible to diseases, become unhealthy and in some cases die when they do not receive proper care. The good news is that you can employ basic tactics to... Read More »

Can I revive my bonsai tree?

This will help.It will loose leaves in the fall and will grow leaves back.

When do I water my bonsai tree?

The art of bonsai is making a bonsai out of a small tree. Your seed is a red maple tree seed.