What is a bongo drum?

Answer Bongos are a percussion instrument made up of two drums joined together. A larger drum, a hembra, is joined with a smaller drum, a macho.HistoryBongo drumming can be traced back to the late 1800s i... Read More »

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Where does the bongo drum come from?

The bongo drum comes from eastern Cuba. African slaves that arrived in Cuba had a strong appreciation for the bongo and incorporated it into musical styles such as Changüi and Son.Source:Bongomani... Read More »

How to Buy a Bongo Drum?

Bongo drums are often ornately designed, and you may be tempted to purchase a bongo based on its appearance. Someone who is serious about playing the bongo should look beyond just the physical appe... Read More »

Where did the bongo drum originate?

Bongo drums originated from Cuba through 19th-century, native music styles known as Changui and Son, with roots from Africa. They evolved from the Abakuan Drum trio 'Bonko' and bongos are still a p... Read More »

What are the parts of a bongo drum?

A bongo drum set consists of two open-shell drums joined by a wooden yoke. The drum parts include synthetic or animal-skin heads, wood or fiberglass shells, and tuning rings or lugs that hold the d... Read More »