What is a bone lesion?

Answer A bone lesion is defined as the abnormal growth of a bone. They can happen to any bone in the body, but the most common place is in long bones, such as a leg bone.CausesThe forming of a bone lesion... Read More »

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What is a thyroid lesion?

A thyroid lesion is a lump or nodule that forms on a healthy thyroid gland in a human. Often they are felt as a lump in the throat, and sometimes they can be seen on the front of the neck. More tha... Read More »

Spindle Cell Lesion?

Spindle cell lesions are tumors that develop underneath a dog's skin. These tumors generally grow slow, but can vary in appearance along similar cell lines. Even surgical removal may not prevent tu... Read More »

How to Heal a Skin Lesion?

A skin lesion can have one of many causes. Any injury or insect bite can cause a boil or localized infection. Sometimes shaving can cause folliculitis, which consists of small, painful skin lesions... Read More »

Can a lesion on the bladder be cancer?

A lesion is an abnormal structural change in a cell or group of cells. While the potential for cancer exists, the lesion may also be benign (non-cancerous). Your doctor can test for potential cance... Read More »