What is a bond yield curve?

Answer The yield curve is a simple chart that shows the relationship between the maturity (term length) of bonds and their yield, or the rate of interest paid to the lender.OriginsAll bonds carry a rate o... Read More »

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What is the corporate bond yield curve?

Corporations finance themselves by issuing bonds to creditors. In exchange, bondholders receive interest payments, until the loan principal is repaid at maturity. Use the yield curve to recognize t... Read More »

What is the meaning of bond yield?

Bonds offer a yield that can vary from bond to bond. In exchange for purchasing a bond, the bond issuer offers the investor a yield (dividend as a percentage) that is paid throughout the maturity d... Read More »

What is a 10-year bond yield?

A 10-year bond yield is the interest income that the holder will receive on bonds held for 10 years. Yield rate and interest disbursements are directly proportional to one another: Higher yield rat... Read More »

What Happens to the Yield on a Bond When Its Price Rises?

When the price on a bond rises, its yield falls. This happens because the payout at maturity is fixed. What fluctuates is price. So the higher the price, by simple arithmetic, the smaller the diffe... Read More »