What is a bond fund?

Answer Diversification is an investment strategy that combines a variety of investments, such as stocks, bonds and money-market funds, to reduce the risk and volatility of a portfolio. Bond funds are cons... Read More »

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What is a bond sinking fund?

Though Investopedia, an online investment encyclopedia published by Forbes, considers bonds to be the safest of the three main asset classes (the other two being stocks and cash equivalents), bond ... Read More »

What is a high yielding bond fund?

A high-yielding bond fund often contains bonds with a lower credit rating than investment-grade corporate bonds, treasury bonds and municipal bonds. Due to the the higher risk of default, these bon... Read More »

What type of account is a bond sinking fund?

A sinking bond fund is an investment product issued by a private company. A company promises to pay a rate of interest (typically a variable rate) on your investment for a specified amount of time.... Read More »

How to Choose a Bond Fund?

There are a wide variety of financial products available to the full range of individual investors, and bond funds are a specific type of option for investing in debt. A bond is a simple debt instr... Read More »