How do I Do a Two Bolt to Four Bolt Conversion on a Big Block Chevy?

Answer The benefit of a four bolt main block over a two bolt is its ability to withstand very high cylinder pressures and much higher rpm. Big block engines have more mass than small blocks thereby making... Read More »

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A 4-Main Bolt Vs. a 2-Main Bolt Chevy Engine?

The Chevy 350 crate engine comes in two styles: two-main bolt and four-main bolt. These engines are used by hot rod and sports car enthusiasts as replacements for existing engines that have less ho... Read More »

Will a Dodge 6-bolt wheels fit Chevrolet 6-bolt wheels?

It is possible for a wheel from a Dodge to fit a Chevrolet. First, the Dodge and Chevrolet must have the same 6-bolt pattern. Second, the offset must be identical on both vehicles. Third, the diame... Read More »

How to Identify 12 Bolt GMs?

The GM 12-bolt differential was used on Chevrolet vehicles from 1965 through 1972, although Sport maintains a slightly different 12-bolt unit continued to be used on K10, K20 and Blazer m... Read More »

Who invented the nut&bolt?

In order to fasten wood together, the Romans invented screws made from bronze or silver. By the mid 1400s, the tips of screws were cut off and the sides were straightened. These blunted screws held... Read More »