What is a boat bilge?

Answer Boat bilge is the water that collects on the deck and inside of a ship. Sailors are constantly removing boat bilge. This prevents bacteria from forming, keeps the boat clean and in extreme cases pr... Read More »

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How to Install an Automatic Bilge Pump on a Boat?

Recreational boating requires numerous safety factors that must be taken into consideration before any trip or outing. One of the most essential items onboard any watercraft is a bilge pump, whethe... Read More »

How much does it cost to replace a bilge pump in a 1993 Caravelle boat?

You can install any bilge pump in the Caravelle. As of July 2010, prices range from $13.77 to $705, Buy a hose to go over the side (as little as $5) and wire it yourself.References:Boater's World:... Read More »

What Is a Bilge?

The bilge is the lowest compartment on a ship. Not only does this vital compartment store waste and leaking fluids, but it also serves a vital dynamic function.

What Is a Bilge Blower?

Bilge blowers are mandatory pieces of equipment for boats with motors mounted within the hull. They rid the engine compartment of potentially dangerous fuel vapor.