What is a board-certified internist?

Answer Doctors of internal medicine are often referred to as "internists." An internist who is board-certified has met the requirements of the American Board of Internal Medicine and has shown that he has... Read More »

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What Is Board Certified?

Being board certified means that a person, such as a physician, has taken and passed an extensive specialty examination for his field. By contrast, those who are board eligible have met the require... Read More »

What does it mean to be board certified?

"Board certified" means that the doctor has successfully completed board-approved training in a specialized area, such as plastic surgery. Board certification guarantees that the doctor has receive... Read More »

Board-Certified Law Schools?

There are 188 law schools in the United States that have been certified as maintaining the standards established by the American Bar Association (ABA). These standards rate the curriculum, faculty... Read More »

What If A Doctor Is Not Board Certified?

In the United States, as a general matter, doctors do not need to be board certified to practice medicine. Indeed, board certification does not in itself guarantee competence. Most doctors, however... Read More »