The Best Boar Dogs?

Answer A boar dog is used to find, chase and catch boars. Because of the strength and agility a wild boar possesses, dogs work in packs in order to best the aggressive and waspish boars. The ideal boar do... Read More »

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How to Draw a Boar?

Boars are the wild relatives of the domestic pig, sometimes called wild hogs or razorbacks. In just a few easy steps, this tutorial will teach you how to draw one!

Boar Hunting in Arizona?

While many of the wild boars throughout the United States were introduced as an invasive species from European stocks, Arizona is home to a native species known as the javelina. Javelinas are membe... Read More »

How to Break in a Boar Brush?

Commonly used for brushing hair, boar brushes also are used for shaving and car washing. Using boar is beneficial because the natural bristles, when used properly, are nondamaging and long-lasting.... Read More »

How to Catch a Wild Boar?

Catching a wild boar can be time-consuming and dangerous. Wild boars are not the brutes they appear to be. These animals are intelligent and have keen senses. They can usually detect traps and dang... Read More »