What is a bluray player?

Answer Blu-ray player (a media player which can play Blu-ray discs)

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What would cause a bluray player to play a certain bluray disc only once and not repeat?

Dumbo Blu-Ray/DVD combo should be released in the United States by May or June 2011.

Chroncile Bluray not working on Bluray Player but works on PS3, whats the problem?

try to update the firmware on your player If you don't know how to do it try google, or the manual it will tell you how to update your player. It is easier if your player is connected to the internet.

Can a 3D bluray disc be playble in non 3D bluray player?

Had the same issue. When I clicked on the Vudu icon there was a button at the bottom to get my $15.00 free movie credit. I clicked on that I was taken to an information/registration screen for Vudu... Read More »

What is the best bluray player for the money?

look at the Pioneer BDP-120 or 320 (i have the 320)ithe picture and sound is incredible, package it with Monster 1000HD HDMI and you will be one happy camper...make sure that an AV receiever you ha... Read More »