What is a blues harmonica?

Answer Blues harmonica is more about a style of playing than it is about any one particular type of instrument. Most blues harmonica players use the standard 10-hole diatonic harmonica because it is cheap... Read More »

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How to Play 12-Bar Blues Harmonica?

Blues harmonica players use a technique referred to as cross harp, which emphasizes drawn notes over blown notes. This makes it possible to bend notes, producing "blue" notes by altering the pitch ... Read More »

How to Play a Blues Song on the Harmonica?

There are specific techniques to achieve the blues style of playing the harmonica. These techniques require regular practice to reach a competent level of ability. The instrument is practical in th... Read More »

Roadhouse Blues By The Doors or Bell Bottom Blues - Eric Clapton?

For sure Roadhouse Blues....Last summer at our chapter we had a big blow kinds of bike and music...well someone knew that is one of my favorites by the doors and ask... Read More »

What material is the harmonica made of?

Most harmonicas are manufactured from injection molded plastic. Some of the higher ended models are made from lucite, silver or metal. Blues harp and Marine band type harmonicas are made from soft ... Read More »